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Krabi Beaches

Ao Nang Beach (Pranang Beach) - Beachfront of SALA TALAY Resort and Spa

     This bay is beautiful and at the same time very strange to the eye because of its limestone mountains. Its famous beaches include Rai Ley, Tam Pra Nang (where the tam or cave, is sacred to local villagers) and Nam Mao; none of these can e reached by road. However, boats leave regularly from the accessible part of Ao Nang to take visitors to them. There are also other islands to visit as well : Kai Island. Tap Island, Mor Island, and Padah Island, where there are clean sandy beaches, clear water and schools of colorful fishes in abundance perfect for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. Boats to the islands are boarded at Ao Nang.

Ao Nang Beach Krabi, Thailand
Ao Nang Beach Krabi, Thailand

     Ao Nang Beach (Pranang Beach) is a long, beautiful stretch of beach, located just south of Nopparat Thara beach. This stretch of beach is rapidly developing, however, it still remains quite stunning. In addition to the broad, white-sand beach, Ao Nang beach has clean, clear water and a backdrop of striking limestone islands and cliffs. There are a total of 83 small islands in the bay, and they can be explored by boat trips arranged by many of the guesthouses. Unlike Nopparat Thara Beach, Ao Nang beach is a full service beach offering a wide variety of recreational water sports. This entire area offers excellent Scuba diving, with both reefs and a wide variety of marine wildlife.


Tham Pranang Beach (Pranang Cave Beach)

     The area possesses some of the best Scuba-diving sites in the world, with certified instruction courses offered on site. In addition, some of the most sought after rock-climbing sites are found in the vicinity, making it a perfect area for a truly complete vacation.

     Tham Pranang beach can be reached from town via longtail boat from the Chao Fah jetty for a fee of 40 baht, and also from Pranang beach, and the Phi Phi Islands. These trips cost 20 baht and 150 baht respectively.

Pranang cave beach Krabi, Thailand

Nopparat Thara Beach (Beachfront of SALA TALAY Resort and Spa)

Nopparat Thara Beach Krabi, Thailand

     This lies in Tambon Nong Talay, Tambon Sai Thai, Tambon Ao Nang, and Tambon Pak Nam, with many interesting places to see.

     Nopparat Thara Beach in times past villagers in the area called this Klong Haeng beach, meaning Dry Stream Beach, because when the tide ebbs the stream flowing from the northern mountains almost disappears, so that the beach has no shore and stretches all the way to Koh Kao Pak Klong Island. In the vicinity of the beach, there are many places to stay serving tourists. Details and further information may be obtained by writing to Nopparat Thara Beach National Park.

Railay Beach

     This beach is generally divided into two sections, East Railay Beach and West Railay Beach. Of these two, West Railay Beach offers visitors more traditional beach scenery. The bay is rather pretty, and there is a broad sandy beach and clean, clear water. Although it has less to offer in the way of facilities, and has a more limited variety of recreational activities than Ao Nang, West Railay Beach is quieter and more peaceful.

Railay Beach Krabi, Thailand
Railay Beach Krabi, Thailand

     Across the peninsula from West Railay Beach is East Hat Railay, which varies from the other beaches in the area in that it could actually be classified as a mud flat, especially during low tide. Even so, it does offer some rather remarkable views. One end of the beach is covered with mangrove trees, and good views of mountains and islands are available.

     As for sandy beaches, East Railay Beach has relatively little to offer, but is within walking distance of both West Railay Beach, and Pranang Cave Beach, which offer some of the best beaches anywhere.


     Both East and West Railay Beach can be reached by boat from Krabi's Chao Fah Bridge. These boats cost 50 baht per person, and typically take about 45 minutes.

     However, outside of the months between November and April, these boats usually do not go all the way around to West Railay Beach, because of unfavorable sea conditions. During this period, you must get off the boat at East Railay Beach, and then walk to your final destination.

Railay Beach Krabi, Thailand


- Klong Kaong Beach, Lanta Island


     This beach, 2 km south of Phra Ae, is extremely peaceful, and has excellent accommodation at bargain prices. Although the food is not quite as good as at Phra Ae, the beaches are isolated, tranquil and serene.

Lanta Beach Island Krabi, Thailand

- Kantiang Beach, Lanta Island

     Towards the southern tip of the island, Kantiang beach is one of the most beautiful on Koh Lanta. Although accommodations are only average, the sparkling sands and iridescent aquamarine waters more than compensate. There is also excellent snorkeling available in the surrounding area.

Lanta Beach Island Krabi, Thailand

- Klong Jark, Lanta Island

     This is the southernmost beach on Lanta, and although rather average by most standards, the proximity to completely deserted Mai Phai beach, and the national park make this a good place to stay. Also, there is a small waterfall and a lagoon nearby.

- Klong Nin, Lanta Island

     Like nearly all the beaches on Lanta, Klong Nin is isolated and quiet. Fine, sandy beaches are essentially all one will encounter here, and the accommodations are adequate. Again, this is not the place to go if you want to go jet-skiing or para-sailing, but perfect if you want to read a book on a beautiful beach.

- Phra Ae, Lanta Island

Lanta Beach Island Krabi, Thailand

     At the northern end of Lanta, this beach is known for its fine sand and quickly shelving coastline. Where to stay: Accommodation at Phra Ae are extremely affordable, and the food is sumptious. Like most of the beaches on Lanta Island, recreational activities are few and far between.

Lanta Beach Island Krabi, Thailand

- Klong Dao Beach, Lanta Island

     This beach is the most populous of those offered on Lanta, with several bungalows at very reasonable prices. Located 2 km from the Saladan pier, this beach offers visitors clean, sparkling sand, tepid, translucent waters, and excellent views of the surrounding areas.

     Recreational activities are limited, but there is plenty of sand and sun to go around, making this a wonderfully relaxing and stress-free vacation spot.



- Yao Beach, Phi Phi Don


     This beach, also known as Long Beach, is one of the most famous on the island. Not only does it offer a broad, sweeping beach and unbelievable scenery, it also is home to some of the best coral reefs in the area.

     Snorkeling and Scuba diving top the long list of things to do here, and accommodation is plentiful. The only complaint might be a little too much development. Yao Beach can be reached on foot or by longtail boat from the pier at Ton Sai.

Phi Phi Island Beach Krabi, Thailand
Phi Phi Island Beach Krabi, Thailand

- Lanti Beach, Phi Phi Don

This beach is in close proximity to Hat Yao, and is equal to it in nearly all respects. Once underdeveloped, Hat Lanti has only recently given way to commercialism, and remains quite beautiful. Offshore coral reefs provide for some great snorkeling, and accommodation is cheap and decent.

Lanti Beach is accessible on foot via the viewpoint trail. Boats to Lanti Beach are difficult to find, because bungalow owners refuse to pay commissions, but boats can be arranged from Lanti Beach quite easily.


- Hin Khao Beach, Phi Phi Don


     This is one of the more isolated beaches on Phi Phi Don, accessible only on foot. This beach offers good views, and peace and quiet.

Phi Phi Island Beach Krabi, Thailand

- Ao Ton Sai, Phi Phi Don

     This is the oldest developed beach area on Phi Phi Don, and the most congested. Still, Ton Sai offers some rather good views of the surrounding territory, and although lacking beauty, it is the most accessible and convenient place on the island.


- Laem Tong Beach, Phi Phi Don

     This is one of the nicest beaches on Phi Phi Don, offering spectacular views and a nice stretch of marvelous beach. Laem Tong Beach has its own pier, and therefore is accessible. However, it is targeted at the high-budget tourist.

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